Monday, February 1, 2010

Compare Best Bluetooth Headset - Personal Review

Aliph Jawbone PRIME Vs Plantronic Discovery 975
Fashionable design wear, choose LOOK good on your face then talk about the best TECHNOLOGY. Others wearable like mobile phone and gadgets, choose Technology then Style/ Design/ Look.

Jawbone Prime (left side) and Plantronics Discovery 975 (right side)

Primary features: Noise Cancellation and Wind Reduction
Supports Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
Range: At least 33 feet (10 meters)
Multipoint Technology: Supports an active connection with two Bluetooth devices

Weight (On your ear)
Aliph Jawbone Prime: 11 grams
Plantronic Discovery 975: 8 grams

Charge Time
Aliph Jawbone Prime: 50mins for full charge
Plantronic Discovery 975:1.5 hours for full charge and a free charging case with a battery status indicator

Talk Time (Up To)
Aliph Jawbone Prime: 4.5 hour(s)
Plantronic Discovery 975: Up to 5 hours and charge it with free charging case when you are outside

Standby Time
Aliph Jawbone Prime: more than 8 days
Plantronic Discovery 975: Up to 1 week

Charge Connectors
Aliph Jawbone Prime:
  • USB AC/DC Adapter 
  • USB Cable - Charge it from computer
Plantronic Discovery 975:  
  • Micro USB AC/DC Adapter 
  • Charging case with a battery status indicator and detachable strap

Jawbone PRIME: USD129.99
Plantronic Discovery 975: USD129.99

Specifications are from original source: Jawbone, Plantronics

In everyday situations, most callers couldn’t tell the difference between the PRIME and the Discovery 975 as both are the best in the market. Both offers
  • Fashionable design wear, Jawbone Prime have more selection on style and colors
  • Light weight mean I can wear longer on my ear. lesser pain on ear.
  • Multipoint Technology, allow me easily to switch from my computer (communication software like Skpe, MSN chat or Yahoo chat) and mobile phones
For the best quality of audio, Jawbone Prime still the best. But for the best of the talk time keep the headset alive while you are outside choose Plantronics Discovery 975.

Jawbone Prime have 4.5 hour(s) talk time compensate with the shortest charge time. (Charged 50 mins, off you go!) while Plantronics Discovery 975 have 5 hour(s) talk time further extend with charging case (with a battery status indicator) that can charge your headset up to three times following where you go.

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by Katherine Boehret

Jawbone Car Charger

Jawbone Car Charger
for use with Jawbone PRIME & The New Jawbone(2)
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Jawbone Wall Charger

Jawbone Wall Charger
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Jawbone Prime

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